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What is Reiki:
The word "Reiki" (pronounced Ree-Kii) is Japanese and means "universal life energy". Reiki refers to an ancient Japanese holistic healing, that appeared about 2500 years ago in ancient writings and was then rediscovered in the 19th Century by Dr. Mikao Usui.
Reiki is a method of ‘laying on of hands’ for the Energy Star Kung, regeneration and harmonization. 

Reiki brings body and mind in to balance and works on all levels: mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki helps each person in their own spiritual and personal development.
A Reiki healer gives to its clients the incentive for self-healing.  In different parts of the Reiki recipient’s body the Reiki giver by laying of hands, the recipient, receives an energy that can be felt as tingling, heat, cold or even as a pulsating and harmonization at all levels, the energy centers (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians) leads. The effect of Reiki may also for some be experienced without these sensations. 
The effect & benefits of Reiki is within every human but because treating the inner energy, the development of such symptoms is individual & personal.

Reiki is very effective on babies, children, animals and plants also.  
Benefits and supports of Reiki:
* Supports the medical and holistic therapies.
* It relaxes and revitalizes
* It improves and enhances the health and relieving pain, sleep disorders, stress symptoms, etc.
* Often after a Reiki treatment, more substances and wastes are excreted, cleansing the body of toxins.
* It accelerates the healing of the body and the psyche (thus the underlying disease entrenched patterns of behavior and feelings are treated)
* It requests the regeneration of tissues and organs
* Working on a spiritual level, so the fullness of the joy of life is felt & more inner confidence in oneself afterwards. 
* It helps to recognize one’s higher self and intuition.
* It helps to fully experience one’s true feelings
* It opens new ways to grow creatively.
* It protects and purifies the energy space, situations, institutions, people, animals, etc.
Rei means universal, and describes the universal, boundless aspect of life energy, or better the life potential. 
Ki means life energy, referring to the ‘enlightened spiritual energy meeting’. 
Means universal and describes the universal, unlimited aspect of the life energy, or rather the life potential.
It refers to the primal force by which the creator itself was only allowed and henceforth in all things, plants, animals and man works and lives.
It is the source of our being inexhaustible from which everything originates in its appearance.
This is the aspect of life potential, which has manifested itself in the matter.
If health & well are being weakened or inhibited in its flow, the life-sustaining energy experienced by Reiki nourishes our bodies. 

The Reiki giver has in fact no personal power; he/she is merely the channel for 'clean energy source', which adapts to the needs of the recipient.
Since Reiki is not guided by the will of the Reiki giver, abuse or manipulation of this energy is not possible, the desire of the Reiki giver determines the Reiki treatment but fundamentally it comes from the energetic pattern of the client.
Reiki is a subtle, smart energy, the essence of all life. Reiki is an energy that is guided by God (the higher power).

Those trained in Reiki channel this energy and forward it to the next to be treated by certain techniques. Here, the subtle energy fields and energy centers of the body are recharged and the immune system and self-healing forces decisively activated.  
* Reiki is not a specific faith or religion. Reiki is not hypnosis or psychotherapy. Reiki does not replace the doctor / physician. (If you have health problems, always consult your doctor and also tell your healer)
Reiki on Zakynthos
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